“I’ve had the chance to work with Ashley High on a number of community projects. She is held in extraordinarily high esteem within the community for marketing expertise, particularly using social media. I find her to be very creative as well as uncompromisingly trustworthy – a great asset and friend.” September 16, 2010

David Bradley, President, Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

“I would certainly recommend Ashley for business marketing; she is energetic, professional in her duties and cares about her clients” August 19, 2010

Sam Parks, Owner, Parks Quality Air, Inc.

“Ashley is a consummate professional! I’ve worked with her in network groups / events and she is relentless in reaching out to the community. She cares and believes in given back realizing that her success would be possible if it were not the very people that helped her, encouraged her to be successful! Her work ethic demonstrates that she is a passionate and caring professional . She is a go getter and very enthusiastic person. Very knowledgeable in her profession.

I highly recommend Ms. Ashley High for her services. You are getting a experienced, creative professional executive who will have your best interest at heart!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding her experience! You may contact me by email:

George B. Washington | Account Executive III
Deltacom | Integrated Communications and Technology Solutions” August 17, 2010

George B. Washington, Jr., Premiere Account Executive, Deltacom

“Ashley is a professional representative and would be an asset to any company. She is highly skilled technically and has a keen head for marketing. Ashley remains current and up-to-date in the needs of the clients in the methods of disseminating information to a multi-generational client base.” August 15, 2010

Gayle Palefsky, Assistant Branch Manager, United Federal Credit Union

“Ashley is a positive force for change. When I had a situation where I needed her assistance, it always happened quickly. Her expectations of quality work in herself and others around her are impressive. She is truly gifted in building relationships and networking. Ashley would be an asset to any sales or marketing team.” August 13, 2010

Steven Buck, Raving Fan Manager, Astonish Results

“Ashley is a very tech savvy individual. She has a fresh approach to internet marketing and is very dedicated to merchandising and promoting the employer or client she works for. I have learned a lot from Ashley and I plan to have her assist me in developing my individual marketing approach in my new business location. She is wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable and professional in her approach.” August 12, 2010

Rick Tron, Sales Representative, Bell and Howard Chevrolet Cadillac Inc

“Ashley is an amazingly driven person. If we at Sir Speedy had the room for another employee, she would be at the top of the list. Impeccable business sense and responsibility are just a few words to describe her attitude. Ashley will make a great addition to any company.” August 12, 2010

CJ Sudman, Sales and Marketing, Sir Speedy

I would highly recommend Ashley as a Professional in her Field. Her primary interest is the Best for her Customers whether it is her Company or not. She is also extremely timely and will get back to you very quickly and professionally.” February 16, 2010

Aurelie Ward, Owner, Health-Ward Group LLC

“I have known Ashley but a short time but my experience of Ashley’s abilities to manage and her personal emphasis on relationships and care are very apparent in all her endeavors. Ashley has a very vibrant and receptive presence with all those that have served with her for long periods. Her repretation for excelence in the market by far exceed the average bar and her compassion for her peers and customers is one of great value to those she is serving with and for.
Ashley would be of great value where ever she serves due to her great energy and value of whomever or whatever she is committed to.
It has been a great pleasure to serve with Ashley and I look forward to some great times in our future buisiness networking together!” February 16, 2010

Chuck Ehl, VP Sales, First Impressions Embroidery & Printing

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