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Since When Did My Busy Work Become Actual Work?

I noticed today that my schedule is becoming busier and busier. No longer allowing anytime for busy work moments in my life. Isn’t that a good thing? Well after giving it some thought I’ve decided that every person needs a good amount of busy work in their professional life to give them a break from the mentally tedious work they do the rest of the day. You may be wondering ‘What is busy work?’…..well busy work for me is neatly organizing files, cleaning out my email, marking off my daily planner, and making non-immediate notes for meetings later in the week. Everything I consider busy work does need to be completed, but it’s not an urgent task.

I find myself recently throwing the busy work onto the urgent task load and wonder how I let that happen. It all goes back to my blog yesterday about knowing things about yourself that aren’t going to change. I’m a pleaser, a giver, a ‘yes’ person. So I willingly volunteer for every community event I can get my hands on, say yes to meetings without enough time to give myself a ‘breather’, and no matter how much I know I need to stop saying ‘yes’ to everyone…somehow saying ‘no’ doesn’t sound right either.  I think this is the source for the lack of busy work time in my life.

I was having a skype conversation today with a friend who I often blow off steam to and unload all my problems. By the way I’m super thankful to that friend for listening to me no matter how annoying and random my thoughts sound. So my skype friend tells me that I need to teach people how to communicate with me. Well first of all I didn’t follow the other females in my family and become a teacher because I’m not very good at it or at least I don’t think I am. So I’m stuck here agreeing with my friend but have no earthly idea how to change my DNA.

I’m trying to practice a few lines to see how it sounds. Instead of saying no I’m trying to say ‘I can’t right now, but I’ll be happy to schedule that for….or…. I’m really booked up and I’d love to help you how about if we move it to…..’ these are actually helping me. I’ve used them a few times today and feel quite proud of myself. In the marketing world I’m surrounded by events I want to appear at, people I want to work with and charities I want to help. But if I’ve learned anything from this world of marketing its that I can’t do it all. I can’t say yes to it all. So my fellow bloggers tell me how you say no, tell me how you balance.


New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the first work week of 2011 and I’m wondering how many of you out there made resolutions. Did you make resolutions to lose weight or become better organized? Did you make resolutions to increase your target market and increase your company’s profitability? It doesn’t matter how you answer those questions. It doesn’t matter what your resolution is at all. What matters is….do you have any idea how to accomplish them?

It’s great to have an idea or to realize that you need to fix something about your life personally and professionally. But you’re setting yourself up to fail and ultimately break that New Year’s resolution that you’ve been breaking every year since they came up with the tradition.

So….how do I plan to keep my resolutions in tact? How do I make strides to accomplish the ultimate goal and purpose of the resolution?

Those are easier questions than you think…remember to keep it simple. Don’t try to re-create the wheel. You need to understand and know certain things about yourself are never going to change.  Make sure that your resolution is reachable. For example, I will stop skipping meals when I get preoccupied. Ok that is a reachable resolution but I truly know that when I work on a project I get tunnel vision and lose track of everything else going on. So missing a meal or two happens all the time. I can’t change that about myself…it’s part of my DNA.

Take baby steps, if you made a resolution to get in shape or more physically fit then you need to gradually build up your stamina. Don’t force yourself to go to the gym for 2 or 3 hours a day every day of the week when you never went before.  Once again that will cause you to fail. Be gentle and easy on yourself. Start with something you can manage like 30 minutes on a treadmill twice a week. Then gradually work your way up to longer periods of time on the treadmill and more days in the week doing it.

You want to increase your sales and you decide you’re going to start a newsletter to provide more information to your clients, then don’t give up after 2 newsletters because you haven’t gotten any response or seen any increased traffic. You need to make sure your content is worth reading, it needs to be relevant. Needs to reflect something important to your clients. Find their sweet spot and engage it.

Whatever resolution you chose I’m sure you have a good reason for choosing it. So give that good reason a fighting chance and get focused in 2011.

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