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Don’t Make Your Customers Feel Like A Number

Early on its important to set goals for your business’s social media accounts. I think one of the worst things you can do is check your fan page numbers to see if they’re climbing. When you start your social media presence you shouldn’t be focused on suggesting people to like your sites. This is a crucial period to build your platform so that you’re customers aren’t flooded with emails and requests to like a Facebook, Twitter or Youtube account that’s blank. Think out your social media strategy.  I’ve listed a few tips on making sure you’re customers don’t feel like numbers….and actually feel like a customer you care about.

  1. Create your social media platform and  connect all forums.
  2. Fill out all information sections and tabs linking information to your website and other social media sites.
  3. Upload photos of your business, your staff and your products if possible.
  4. Set up a plan to let all of your existing clients/customers know that you have a social media presence. If you have emails you can create a professional account and then import those contacts to then advise that there is a social media site you’d like them to follow you on.
  5. Make the environment fun and safe for all followers.  Create a commitment to the social community about post quality and return comments within a reasonable period of time.
  6. Once you have created a safe, branded, complete social media presence then you can start using it as a huge marketing/advertising tool for your business.
  7. I would stay away from contests that focus on numbers, for example…”Be the 1,000th fan and you win a prize!”…That doesn’t really work for most fans because it seems like you don’t really care about anything but the number.  Instead I would focus on doing charity fundraisers like “During the month of blank we will donate $5 per customer to a charity. Please “like” our fan page and write a local charity on our wall!” It gets fans involved and you’re giving back to charity so people are happy to like your accounts.
  8. Make sure you reward your fans for following you and following the rules for all your contests. Give away a gas card or movie tickets… something that’s not expensive for you but is still really nice to do for your fans.
  9. Let your fans/followers see that people are interacting with you. Take photos and shoot videos of as much as you can so your followers can visualize your commitment to them.
  10. Ok now you’ve become “likeable” but you’ve got to market your brand effectively. This is a great time to start educating them on your products and you as a business. Then you can use those same contests and gear them more towards selling a product or getting their business. Afterall that was the whole point of having your business on social media sites. You have to translate the “likes”, “follows”, and “tweets” into revenue. And now that your fans feel like part of the family and not like a number then I’m sure they’re the right kind of audience for you and your business.

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the first work week of 2011 and I’m wondering how many of you out there made resolutions. Did you make resolutions to lose weight or become better organized? Did you make resolutions to increase your target market and increase your company’s profitability? It doesn’t matter how you answer those questions. It doesn’t matter what your resolution is at all. What matters is….do you have any idea how to accomplish them?

It’s great to have an idea or to realize that you need to fix something about your life personally and professionally. But you’re setting yourself up to fail and ultimately break that New Year’s resolution that you’ve been breaking every year since they came up with the tradition.

So….how do I plan to keep my resolutions in tact? How do I make strides to accomplish the ultimate goal and purpose of the resolution?

Those are easier questions than you think…remember to keep it simple. Don’t try to re-create the wheel. You need to understand and know certain things about yourself are never going to change.  Make sure that your resolution is reachable. For example, I will stop skipping meals when I get preoccupied. Ok that is a reachable resolution but I truly know that when I work on a project I get tunnel vision and lose track of everything else going on. So missing a meal or two happens all the time. I can’t change that about myself…it’s part of my DNA.

Take baby steps, if you made a resolution to get in shape or more physically fit then you need to gradually build up your stamina. Don’t force yourself to go to the gym for 2 or 3 hours a day every day of the week when you never went before.  Once again that will cause you to fail. Be gentle and easy on yourself. Start with something you can manage like 30 minutes on a treadmill twice a week. Then gradually work your way up to longer periods of time on the treadmill and more days in the week doing it.

You want to increase your sales and you decide you’re going to start a newsletter to provide more information to your clients, then don’t give up after 2 newsletters because you haven’t gotten any response or seen any increased traffic. You need to make sure your content is worth reading, it needs to be relevant. Needs to reflect something important to your clients. Find their sweet spot and engage it.

Whatever resolution you chose I’m sure you have a good reason for choosing it. So give that good reason a fighting chance and get focused in 2011.

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